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Serving all your garage door needs!


Do you want to install modern and efficient garage doors or repair doors because of a little wear and tear?

If you want an efficient, chic and a stylish garage door that complements your home’s architecture or represents the image of your business? 

A garage door installation with Eco Garage Service will be a total upgrade for you. We know that the garage door is the most visible part of any home, commercial business or industry and we could be the right service to understand your style and taste. 

With a new garage door, you will be able to integrate even more security. 

We are a full-service garage door company.  We give the best advice to help you choose the right type of door for different uses. Our learned team will proactively walk you through the whole process; the consultation, measurement, selection, installation and maintenance. 

We are your one-stop solution for all garage door needs. We can install Residential, Commercial and Industrial Doors that in different styles and options. 

Residential Garage Door Installation

 A garage door needs to be able to secure your valuable car or other items. It also needs to blend into the style, architecture of your homes. That is why we’re here for you. We keep in mind that you deserve the best and we work towards providing you with multiple options and services to choose from. 

Commercial and Industrial Garage Door Installation

Eco Garage Service is aware that you need an efficient and functional door that is vital for seamless operation in your business. 

An average garage door weighs around 300 lb. It isn’t safe to perform DIY projects. Our hospitable technicians who are certified and highly trained in the garage door industry put customer’s safety as our top priority. 

The garage door also needs different components to function. Every component plays its own part. Any mistake in the installation would make you prone to accidents. 

We can help you integrate this hardware without any hassle. 

While you are thinking that we only deal with installation, we stay true to our saying that we are there 24×7 delivering clockwork services from the most menial to the biggest task. No work is small or big for us. 

Whether you call us for installation or replacement for a worn-out garage door, we will be able to safely remove the old garage door and install the new door with ease. You can count on us on this. 

You cannot miss these perks!

  • We provide multiple offers and warranties along with the finest services at your doorstep in the most affordable way. 
  • We offer exceptional warranty products and have partnered with major leading companies like Chamberlain, Lift Master, Clopay,  Amarr and so on. 

We take pride in our versatility and the ability to easily transpose our services according to your needs and wants. Turn to our professional services for garage door installation in the most affordable, seamless and professional way.



Are you looking for Garage Door Repair Services? You have come to the right place. 

Do not freak out just yet because we deal with almost all of the problems with garage doors and your issue might just be among these common problems listed below:

Frozen Garage Door 

A frozen door usually happens because of cold weather. This also affects the door opener as it is likely that the circuits on the opener may be frozen by ice. 

Broken Springs 

It causes your door to either slide down too fast or lags while going upward. It becomes a safety hazard when you have broken springs. You need a professional to handle this problem and we have the right technician for you. 

Worn cables and pulleys

Pulleys are susceptible to wear and tear because the cables carrying the weight of the garage door transfers the tension on the pulleys. It will also result in broken cables which you need to replace and the pulleys to be repaired right away. 

Broken Rollers

The roller helps your garage door to smoothly travel up and down. However, when broken or misplaced out of the tracks, your door becomes unbalanced. On the other hand, it will get stuck halfway on the operation. 

From narrow and non-aligned doors, we also fix broken hinges on all garage doors made out of different materials. Broken door panels and broken seals can also be fixed and guess what? We can get your door back on track!

If you cannot find your problems from the above list, don’t worry, Eco Garage Service is a unit of one of the most accomplished and trained technicians who can identify, analyse and resolve any problems with your door. 

Are you worried that we are limited only to a certain category of garage doors? We have great news for you. 

We specialise in repairs for all types and brands of garage doors. Just give us a call and we’re ready to swing into action for any problems with your residential, commercial and industrial doors of different materials and sizes. 

Eco Garage Service has all the tools required to fix up your worn-out door. 

Why should you fix a broken door? 

Worn-out doors aren’t secure. It isn’t strong and durable enough to keep away burglars, vermins and snakes. It acts as a direct entry for them to cause disruption and loss of assets. 

Broken doors can also be a breeding ground for insects and pests and in no time, it’s your finances blowing away to get a new garage door along with pest control services. 

We offer all the replacement parts to get your garage door all up and working. Our technicians make sure that every aspect of your garage door is optimised by performing safety checks after we get our job done because our customers are royalty. 


Are you sure that your garage door is working like it’s supposed to? 

A door that is jammed, producing squeaky sounds, missing nuts and bolts, off-track and unbalanced are some factors that should raise concerns because you never know when it will have a breaking point. 

This is the right time for you to call us! 

Eco Garage Service is a competent garage door service that ensures a sleek performance of your garage door. We recommend you to choose our services because we deliver quality yet cost-effective services. 

Safety checks 

Garage door balance: If your garage door slips down and you know that it will potentially knock the daylights off of someone or your car, you need to immediately call for our services. Because of the complex technicality in repairing an unbalanced door, you need our experts who are well trained to tackle any issues. 

Mechanical Reverse: If a door is unable to automatically perform the mechanical reverse function, call us right away!

Chain and Belt Servicing

Slapping sounds from the belts and slacking chains are a red flag. They lag the operation of the door and create inconveniences.

Service the Seals and Springs

The garage door seals also protect from any harmful vermins or snakes to slide under the door. Therefore it becomes important to keep your garage door in check. 

Garage door springs require extreme care. Consider hiring our maintenance experts. 

Examine Garage Door Hardware

There are a number of components that contributes to the functioning of Garage Door. The hardware of a garage door has the utmost need for maintenance. Any slight wear and tear would lead to a series of damage on other components.

Our eyes and ears are peeled off to recognise, analyse and solve various issues. Through our Maintenance service we can help you check off the following list of items from your to-do list:

  • Repair or replace garage door roller bearings
  • Replace lift cables and replace deteriorated strands in cables
  • Replace corroded springs, nuts and bolts
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Align and adjust tracks and many more

All you need to do is contact us. We have so much to offer you as we believe that we are one of the best garage door services! 

Our licensed, professionally trained technicians deliver timely and efficient services driven with the aim of customer satisfaction. 



Do you want to keep your garage door in an optimum condition, be assured of safety in the most affordable way but high-cost services are stopping you? 

You have made the right choice to visit us because Eco Garage Service guarantees an A-Z inspection and the essential tune-up that your garage door needs. 

Your garage door is the most used door and is susceptible to a lot of tension while operating, therefore, regular inspections and tune-ups are mandatory. 

What could go wrong? 

  • A loose spring, a frayed cable or a broken roller will lag the opening and closing of the door
  • Different parts can also undergo heavy damage because of extreme climate and weather conditions and is subjected to unbalanced doors and broken panels. 

What can go right if you choose us? 

  • Eco Garage Service can turn the tables because we place your safety and convenience above anything else. 
  • We are available 24×7 to provide our customers with outstanding servicing of different components and parts in the most cost-efficient way. So, toss away your doubts about costly inspection and tune-ups. 
  • We can help you reduce long term costs, increase the lifespan of your door by delivering consistent inspections on door alignment, spring tensions, lubrication, tighten bolts, hinges, bearings etc. 

Trust our Experts

Our technicians are loaded with updated information and proficient in practice. We give valuable expert advice in all aspects of garage doors and its components. We are trained to carry out standard procedures like safety checks, balance tests and more. 

Eco Garage Service works rigorously to regenerate perfection in your door. Therefore, we thoroughly inspect every nook and corner of the components that support the function of your door. 

CALL US NOW! To get hassle-free services for your garage doors needs.